life is challenging but it is also beautiful. I truly believe that we are on the Earth together for a major reason, we have relationships and an internal struggle to learn more about ourselves and how to live our best life. 

I know that the goal in life is to have a fluid, loving and respectful relationship to life itself. 

we sometimes need each other to get through things, to go to the next level, to gain a new perspective. 

it’s helpful to get messages from others to see things in a new light or in a new way. 


we often get bogged down from our own perspective on life and my spiritual mentorship will help you discover the bigger purpose for your path and help you see the beauty in the struggle.

I have led myself through some of the most treacherous and challenging times with my holistic methodology, and i see it as an honor to pass that on.

i takes a compassionate, holistic and intuitive approach to coaching you through any situation in your life. 

i incorporates meditation practices, kundalini yoga, women’s empowerment, shamanic rituals and health & wellness into the mix to help create ease, relieve anxiety and allow the answers that are within you to guide on ANY question that ails you. 

let's change your life together.