about me


“i am a vessel through which energy moves with intention; a trusted guide to my clients as they explore their own inner healer within.” -SR


Sarah was diagnosed with PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) that caused her to have deep depression and anxiety. Refusing to get on medication and willing and open to healing her self, she began to study and learn. Keeping the self recovery journey alive, she came to Kundalini Yoga and Breathwork.  After recognizing how much it benefited her as well as healed her from the disorder, she decided to become a teacher of both practices. Discovering and teaching these practices, she decided to move to Bali and study under a Tantra yoga master. She now incorporates all of these tools in her daily practice and teaches Kundalini Tantra Yoga and facilitates Breathwork events.

After teaching on the west coast, Sarah evolved into a depth of experiences, learning from ancient knowledge and traditions, traveling with a shaman, becoming an energy healer, and having some initiations. She was shown not only how to help herself, but how to powerfully help others. After having those experiences, she then had the  opportunity to explore and study indigenous cultural practices in North America. She spent time learning the processes of traditional healing and wisdom teachings from various Native American leaders and communities. She studied with the intention to learn the best techniques and practices that could be applied to a modern culture that had become disconnected from their true nature. 

It was from here that Sarah developed deeper insights and skills for guiding, awakening and inspiring others to reach and access their greatest potential, for which she now is guiding people passionately to the real meaning of life, what lies beyond achievement and material ambitions, and to what is found through deep self awareness, remembrance, inner truth and an empathic connection with Mother Earth.  

She is adamant that within the human evolution story we are not only able to awaken to truth, but use awareness as a tool for self mastering the greatest aspects of human nature. It starts with the self, with the awakening and realization that we are the greatest change that can occur in our lives.


Sarah has the passion, skills, and experience to guide you on a journey of deep self-knowing and realization, experiencing yourself in the most authentic, pure, and honest way possible so you can live an enriched life.

As a world traveler, all of Sarahs designs are uniquely made jewelry that are made with the medicine of love and healing. Being the conduit of spirit to rise the frequency of the planet through beauty, breath, and sound…she brings in the Native American elements of art to each piece as well. Sourcing natural materials from across the globe and consciously hand picks fabrics, stones, gems, and natural materials. 

Please contact Sarah for more information on group gatherings or to schedule a private session.