I was fortunate enough to be part of a Breathwork Facilitator Training in Bali for which Sarah guided and held space. From the moment I arrived, Sarah was the shining light that lit up the room. Her authenticity and the embodiment of her own truth allowed me to feel so comfortable in her presence that I could openly share any of my thoughts or experiences with her in a safe space. What I like most about Sarah, is that she doesn’t take life, or herself too seriously. Whether she was holding space for a Breathwork journey, leading a yoga class, or just hanging out, Sarah does everything  with passion, a smile on her face, and always has time for a laugh along the way. Sarah’s love for life, and for her work is contagious, and the impact she has had on me is something I will always treasure. -Izzy

“I highly recommend a healing session with Sarah. Trained in many modalities, she clearly has a gift for both energy and intuitive work.
The moment I walked in, Sarah's energy was loving, peaceful and nonjudgemental. She holds a grounded and inviting space for healing. I felt comfortable the entire time and her intuitive insights were magical. My session was beautiful and left me feeling empowered!” -Desyree


Sarah’s depth of awareness is palpable. I instantly felt safe with her. As her ability to hold space allowed me to surrender deeper into to my breath. A breathwork journey with her took me to places within myself I didn’t know I had. I was able to uncover a deep remembrance of my shakti energy. She incorporates a kundalini/chakra opening into her guidance that allowed me to dive even deeper and release into my higher self. I highly recommend a journey with this beautiful soul.-Kimberly

Sarah is one of my dearest humans, genuine, uplifting, so fun, supportive and wise. When I have a session with her I am always amazed by who she becomes when she steps into the role of a healer. Creating a safe space for people to come back into their true potential simply makes her radiate with grace, strength and love and it becomes obvious that this is her very purpose, her greatest joy and honor.  She picks up easily and gently on where I’m at during the breathing sessions and helps me to allow and to trust. Every session is entirely unique and Sarah uses all kinds of different healing techniques and practices to tailor it to what is needed that very day. While I was I was breathing she moved around offering soothing sounds, smells and words and also works with her hands in different ways. With her guidance I’m understanding what confidence truly means, the feeling of knowing your worth and loving who you are no matter what. A friend can tell you this but you can only grasp it if you walk down the path of vulnerability yourself and Sarah is right there to encourage and remind you that you are safe. I can only speak highly of her work. She is a precious gift to the world and will be helpful to so many. -Scarlett 

“I believe everyone would benefit from a breath works session with Sarah. I felt relaxed and comfortable from the time I arrived. She helped guide me to a into a wonderful calm state of mind. The session helped me to bring emotions to the surface and release them. She played music and singing bowls to help lead me through the session. It was a very freeing and lovely experience.” -Delaca

“Since going through the transformation work I not only have been able to release fears, hurts, anger, and trauma. But also have eliminated physical ailments. I look younger and feel younger. I am calmer and have less pains on all levels.” - Emily

“Sarah is the epitome of Mother Gaia. She allows you to feel brave enough to explore the depths of yourself, yet so safe and comfortable, you could stay with her presence forever. I had the opportunity to be with Sarah for the entirety of a week, and from the moment we collided I felt like we were meeting again for the millionth time. She holds herself with such alignment, ease and light, anyone that finds themselves in her sacred container will receive and heal with the perfect combination of grace, compassion and a fierce, loving protection.” -Rachelle